Public meeting organised is open for everyone

Dear Editor,
The public meeting I am helping to organise is for local residents to discuss the anti-social behaviour problems in Seaside with housing association officers, council officers and the police.

It is open to everyone in the Glanymor community, and I am currently in the process of delivering invites to every person in the area, including local councillors. Indeed I personally delivered an invite to Amanda Carter yesterday.

I am fully aware that Seaside is not the only place in Glanymor facing difficulties, but this meeting has been organised in response to specific concerns raised by residents about anti-social behaviour in the Seaside area.

I had initially tried to book a venue in Glanymor ward for the meeting, but unfortunately I was unable to book one that would be big enough at short notice. I gave my apologies for the meeting on April 1st as I was only notified of it a few days in advance and I had a prior commitment.

I am focused on working with local residents and the relevant authorities in a constructive way to find solutions to the problems in Seaside.

I would encourage anyone who shares this desire to come to the Selwyn Samuel Centre at 5.30pm on Thursday 18th April and speak to the relevant authorities and your MP, AM and county councillors.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr John Prosser

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