Timmy Mallett stops off in Kidwelly to paint castle

TV celebrity, cyclist, author and artist Timmy Mallett is cycling around the UK and he has stopped off at a number of locations across Wales including Llandaff, Port Talbot, Mumbles and Kidwelly.

Timmy has been painting scenes across Wales and enjoting plenty of Welsh food and drink along the way. Stopping off in cafes surprising people who recognise him.

In Barry Island he wrote: “We can cycle direct to Marcos cafe, home of Gavin and Stacey where I met Kathryn from Wales online and we did a Facebook live chat together standing by the mural enjoying a coffee from the morning swimmers. Marco himself came out to chat and made me a sandwich for lunch later…”

In Port Talbot Timmy paid tribute to street artists including Llanelli’s Steve Jenks. He wrote: “Street art gives us accessible cultural enjoyment. @banksy delivered something joyous to a garage wall in #porttalbot. Sadly it’s gone now but in its place Llanelli artist Steve Jenks has given us great talking points. Thank you to @banksy and Jenks Art and Port Talbot for welcoming street artists.”

When in Mumbles Timmy took to Instagram to say: “Alfred Sisley came to #Mumbles to capture the evening light at Rotherslade Bay on #Gower.

I found his viewpoint & painted the sunset last night.”

@TimmyMallett documents his journey and has details of his book and you can buy plenty of Timmy’s merchandise at his online shop: https://www.timmymallett.co.uk/shop/

Timmy Mallet in Kidwelly. Pic. Dennis Hughes

Local photographer Dennis Hughes had a bit of a shock as he was leaving his home in Ger Y Castell when he saw a man painting the castle.

Dennis said: “He was in Ger-y-Castell in front of my house about 3pm. I went to see his sketch and he commented what a nice street to live in. I walked away. I was going in car, then I recognised the voice, so I went back to him and said that his voice sounded like Timmy Mallet. I asked are you Timmy Mallet and he replied, yes.

Dennis said that Timmy asked if the Ferryside ferry was running as he was hoping to take it across to Llanstephan. A wise move as it would cut out a long road journey west.

Of his journey and visit to Kiwelly Timmy wrote: “It was supposedly shorter route. That’s why I chose it. But it was a mistake. Should have taken the old railway line from Mumbles to Gowerton. Instead I did the climbs up over Dunvant and Three crosses.

“The Hedges are colourful right now with spring flowers all along the lanes. Over the brow of each hill the lovely Burry Bay comes into view. The big salt Marshes where the cockle beds are gleaming in the strong sunshine.

“I called in for a cuppa with Pat and family. Pat has bought the first of my camino prints and is looking to get another one.

“We chatted about her Adventure, how she had enjoyed my book and put her Martin Mallett name tag in a special place on a Gower island.

“The coastal path leads down to Loughor past the wild horses on the Marsh.

“Then the big wide flat cycle path took me along through the outskirts of Llanelli with a lunch break at St Ellis cafe. Into Pembrey and followed the old railway line alongside a canal with little ducklings to Kidwelly.

“Enjoyed searching for Turner’s view of the castle. The original is in the Tate and I found his position in the allotments! Just along from there on castle street I found my own view for a pen and ink sketch and I intend to work up something else this evening.

“It’s one of the jewels of Welsh castles. I love Kidwelly and I’m delighted to have found Turner’s spot.
The tide was in as I arrived in Ferryside. But the ferry isn’t running. The organiser had gone away to act in a TV show and nobody else knew who could run me across to Llansteffan. Its so frustrating. A 7 minute journey and I miss the busy roads and hills in and out of Carmarthen.


“Somebody must be able to take me tomorrow.

“I’m waiting in Ferryside tonight for a fairy godmother with boat…
And he’s arrived… Rob has arranged for the lifeboat to take me across to Dylan Thomas territory!
We sat watching the sunset by a beachside firepit and he recited under milk Wood. Happy happy.”

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