Llanelli MS quizzed on Climate Change by Primary School Pupils

Pupils from Ysgol yr Hendy posed their questions on the climate crisis to Llanelli’s Member of the Senedd, Lee Waters, in a virtual Q&A session last week.

The pupils were inspired to talk to Lee Waters, who is also Deputy Minister for Climate Change in the Welsh Government, after following the news during COP 26. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Glasgow between 31st October and 12th November, was attended by the local MS who represented Wales at the global event.

During the session, pupils questioned Mr. Waters on a range of issues they felt were important to them, with the MS being quizzed on a wide range of topics such as electric car charging, public transport and how Wales compares to other countries in fighting climate change.

Lee Waters MS said:

“It is great to see so many young people engaging in issues. They all had their own ideas of what Climate Change means and how it can affect us on a local and national scale. I was very impressed with all of their questions.”

“I was asked about how the Government can encourage people to plant more trees and use public transport more in our local area. It was great to see how aware they were that these are key issues we need to address to meet our climate change targets.”

Lee Waters MS went on to comment:

“Children really do ask some of the funniest questions. Each question was very different. I was asked how we can keep global temperature increase under 2.5 degrees and then about the Prime Minister and garden parties. They certainly keep up to date with the news.”

The Deputy Head Teacher for Hendy Primary School Mr. Davies said:

“ The children thoroughly enjoyed the question-and-answer session with Mr Waters. During the Autumn term, we as a school studied climate change and closely followed the COP26 summit in Glasgow. All the children and staff were so grateful to Mr Waters for sharing information about what Wales is currently doing and aiming to do to tackle climate change in the coming years. It was a very enjoyable and interesting afternoon, and we would like to thank Mr Waters for finding the time to answer our challenging questions.”

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