Plaid responds to admission from Chair of UK Covid Inquiry

PLAID Cymru has responded to the news that the chair of the UK Covid
inquiry has said that the inquiry she will lead “cannot cover every
issue” relating to Wales.

On the first day of the Covid inquiry, Baroness Hallet said, in
reference to the calls for scrutiny of decisions made in Wales
throughout the pandemic, “I have to emphasise, we can’t cover every
issue, we cannot cover, or call every witness, we are going to have to
focus on the most significant and the most important decisions.”

Baroness Hallet also indicated that it would still be possible for a
Wales-specific inquiry, saying: “If a Wales enquiry is set up, I will
work with them and cooperate to the best of my ability to ensure that
between us we cover all the issues that people of Wales would wish to
see covered.”

Baroness Hallet stressed that it would not be a decision for her to
make, and that she is “completely neutral” on the question.

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, Plaid Cymru’s health and care spokesperson, has
backed calls for a Welsh inquiry since the beginning of Covid and
supported calls by the Covid Bereaved Families for Justice Cymru.

Responding to Baroness Hallett’s comments, Rhun ap Iorwerth said:

“Campaigners for the bereaved families in Wales have been vindicated
with confirmation by the UK Inquiry Chair that she won’t be able to
look at all the relevant issues in Wales, and that not all decisions
made in Wales throughout the pandemic will be scrutinised.

“This far from settles the matter for those who continue to be angered
by this avoidance of scrutiny.

“Plaid Cymru have called since the early days of the pandemic for
decisions made in Wales – good and bad – to be scrutinised in Wales by a
Wales-specific inquiry. The Labour Welsh Government must take ownership
of their decisions.

“But the Labour Welsh Government can still change their minds, give
the bereaved families what they deserve. Set up a Wales Covid inquiry
now, before it really is too late.”

Image: Aberystwyth Promenade during Covid-19 Pandemic

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