Policeman is Crook catcher by day and Captain Hook by night

Last year was to have been the first without Panto favourite Denny Twp at the helm as ill health  forced him into retirement. Sadly due to the pandemic, all performances were cancelled. Oh yes they were.

Familiar Panto figure Deny Twp (l) who has retired.

This year promises to bring back all the fun of a traditional Panto with local cast members and some amazing flying sequences. Oh yes it does.

The role of Captain Hook is being played by a new member, Ian Roach, who by day is a Police officer but when darkness descends he becomes the evil Captain Hook determined to cause mischief in Neverland for Peter Pan and friends.

You can get a sneak preview of the characters in costume as they will be taking part in this years Christmas Carnival on the 19th November.

Listen to our audio chat with Dai Jones   Vice Chair of the friendship Theatre group and Ian Roach  who plays Captain Hook to find out more about what is happening behind the scenes.



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