The News Van visits Llanelli

Residents in Llanelli had the opportunity to voice their opinions on a number of issues today not least the cost of living crisis.

The News Van was in Stepney Square to record the voices of those people who chose to go on the record. A large number of people approached the van and spoke their minds but alas they did not want to be recorded.

The News Van is a travelling multimedia studio, which will be visiting villages and towns across Carmarthenshire gathering your views on contemporary issues making the news.

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Media Student Elkanah Evans

Swansea University student Michael Coiner and Aberystwyth University student Elkanah Evans were running  the van as part of their studies.

Swansea University student Michael Coiner

Michael who hails from America is using the News Van as part of her dissertation and Elkanah is gaining experience for his degree in media studies.

One issue raised by Robert Lee from Ponthenri was access to an NHS dentist. Mr Lee said that he was caring for a disabled wife and son. He put forward some suggestions for Welsh Government intervention.

Cllr Ed Skinner (r)

Cllr Ed Skinner was in town and gave us a few minutes of his time. Cllr Skinner spoke about the cost of living crisis and said he liked the advice being offered by Martin Lewis and that it must be frightening for families and vulnerable people.

Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council Cllr Rob Evans (r)

The Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council Rob Evans also stopped by and said that he had seen a rise in the number of people using foodbanks. He said the fat cats have an excuse to delay any help for the vulnerable because they are waiting for a new Prime Minister to be in place.

Jeweller Leslie Gilbert (r)


Business owner Leslie Gilbert said that the town was suffering because ‘the council was not supporting businesses’.  He said that ‘the councillors making decisions were not business people, had not run businesses and had no idea what needed to be done in the town’.

“The town needs support”, he said.

You can listen to the podcast with all the speakers here:

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