Pressure mounts on RSPCA to drop ‘RSPCA Assured’ food labelling scheme

Following RSPCA President Chris Packham’s stirring comments this weekend in The Times, Animal Justice Project has ignited a nationwide call-to-action. With thousands demanding the RSPCA drop their contentious RSPCA Assured food labelling scheme, the pressure is reaching boiling point.

As the RSPCA celebrates its bicentenary, Animal Justice Project’s petition, which urges the RSPCA to drop the assurance scheme, is gaining momentum. This weekend Animal Justice Project, alongside local group Vegan Hub, plans a spectacular protest at the RSPCA’s headquarters in Horsham. Picture this: scores of animal rights activists from across the UK converging to deliver a colossal cake with a resounding message: “DROP RSPCA ASSURED.”

The Celebrities Rally

Fuelling this movement is none other than TV personality Peter Egan. His message is a heartfelt plea for the RSPCA to align with its mission of compassion for all creatures, including those on factory farms.

Expert Opinion

Veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare Andrew Knight adds his weight to the cause, underscoring the scheme’s systemic failings and calling for a seismic shift in the RSPCA’s approach.

Why Now?

At its core, this campaign challenges the RSPCA’s integrity. How can an organisation championing kindness endorse a scheme that condones animal exploitation?

Jane Tredgett, Ex-RSPCA Trustee and founder of Humane Being: “As a former Vice-Chair of the RSPCA board, I am disappointed that the RSPCA is not leading the way towards a more plant-based, cruelty-free world. The RSPCA should use its power to lead much-needed change that will prevent animal suffering, protect the planet, and reduce disease risks for people.”

Sean Barrs, Animal Justice Project Campaigner: “The RSPCA helps dogs and cats, so why are they assuring the slaughter of pigs and chickens? As society progresses, so should our views on how we treat other sentient creatures. Even RSPCA CEO Chris Sherwood says all animals deserve the RSPCA protections. Show us how woke you really are, RSPCA, and stop assuring the exploitation of animals!”


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