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Welcome to Carmarthenshire News Online, your trusted source for local news and information in Carmarthenshire. As a regulated news outlet, we prioritise accuracy, transparency, and accountability. With our robust complaints procedure, privacy policy, and adherence to GDPR regulations, we strive to provide reliable and trustworthy journalism. Our commitment to professional standards is further demonstrated by our membership in the National Union of Journalists and our participation in training programs with industry leaders like Google and Facebook. By staying true to our roots while embracing the demands of modern journalism, we aim to serve our community with integrity and dedication.

Editor: Alan Evans – newsdesk@carmarthenshirenewsonline.com – Tel 07308598604

Part Time Reporter: Elkanah Evans: – elkanah@carmarthenshirenewsonline.com

Part Time Reporter: David Hurford: – davehurford@carmarthenshirenewsonline.com


Associate Editor : Ron Cant – roncant@carmarthenshirenewsonline.com
Part time Reporter: Tessa Finch – tessa@carmarthenshirenewsonline.com

Tel Enquiries – 07308 598604 (we will not answer calls from withheld numbers) All calls are recorded for training purposes and journalistic accuracy.

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