Nul Points for Wales’ hopes of hosting Eurovision

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have responded to the announcement from Cardiff Council and the Welsh Government stating that they will not go ahead with a bid to host Eurovision 2023, accusing the Welsh Labour Government and Labour-run council of “letting an enormous opportunity slip through their hands”.

Commenting Cardiff Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Rhys Taylor said:

“The Labour run council and Welsh Government have just let an enormous opportunity slip through their hands. Hosting Eurovision would have allowed us to showcase both Cardiff and Wales to the world.

“Both Scotland and England have hosted Eurovision in the past, it is long overdue that Wales got its own shot. To abandon the cities bid this early on shows a complete lack of ambition for Cardiff and Wales by Labour.

“There are also questions to be answered about the reasoning for the abandonment of the bid, we know infrastructure arrangements had been raised as a concern by residents, especially following the Ed Sheeran concert a few months ago. If the Labour council had invested better in our public transport systems maybe we would have a different outcome.”


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