Opportunity for a place on the high-street for start-up businesses

As part of the Council’s regeneration strategy for the town of Carmarthen, three sales kiosks are being erected on Chapel Street to encourage small start-up businesses to take the first step to develop their business, through a presence in a major town centre. Businesses that will occupy the sales kiosks will also be offered access to a full range of professional business support and training from the Council.

Recognising that the kiosks are designed to house small start-up businesses, the self-contained units will be available to tenants at a low cost and located within a market town centre that attracts a significant number of visitors.

Following installation of the kiosks, plans for the development of the surrounding area will be progressed. The Council is looking to enhance the current outdoor space that’s on offer, with the aim to encourage greater use, by locals and visitors, through enhancing the green infrastructure within the area. This will also offer shoppers and visitors a pleasant and scenic journey by foot on towards King Street.

In the recovery from the pandemic, the authority has ensured that it offers support and opportunities to independent small businesses across the county. One of the most successful projects to come from this is the “100% Sir Gâr” programme, which now has over 200 businesses registered. As part of the 100% programme, pop-up shops have been held in Carmarthenshire’s three main town centres – Llanelli, Ammanford and Carmarthen.

The Council has received a great response to the 100% Sir Gâr pop-up shops and is proud to have offered sites to small businesses on the high street during one of the most challenging periods for the retail industry. The sales kiosks at Chapel Street will take the offer of the temporary shop one step further, by providing small businesses with a permanent site within the town centre.

Cllr. Gareth John, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Leisure, Culture and Tourism said: “This a unique opportunity for start-up businesses. Through the 100% Sir Gâr programme we have given new and local businesses a seasonal presence on the high streets of Carmarthen, Llanelli and Ammanford and now these kiosks go a step further in making their presence a permanent feature. The Council is also providing financial assistance for business growth and employment.

“The Council recognise the importance of continuing to invest in our town centres to encourage businesses to have a high street presence and trade in our towns.

“If successful at growing their business, those enterprises that will be based at the kiosks will hopefully move into a bigger, privately owned or rented premises elsewhere in town which the Council are also financially incentivising.

“I’m looking forward to seeing start-up Carmarthenshire based businesses initially trading from these kiosks and then to larger premises in town.”

For further information about renting a sale unit at Chapel Street, please visit the Council Property section on the Council’s website.

For further information about the 100% Sir Gâr programme, please click here.

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