Roll out of Universal Primary Free School Meals to include Years 3 and 4 from September

Since September 2022, all full-time Nursery and Reception children in Carmarthenshire have been offered a Universal Primary Free School Meal (UPFSM). This provision was extended to all Year 1 pupils in January 2023, and to all Year 2 pupils in April 2023. This is an important step in reaching the shared ambition of ensuring no child goes hungry whilst in school.

Following the successful roll-out of the previous phases, Carmarthenshire County Council is pleased to announce that from the start of the new term in September 2023, all Year 3 and 4 pupils will also be offered a UPFSM.

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There will be no need to apply for a UPFSM for Year 3 or 4 pupils or new full time Nursery or Reception pupils from September. However, it is imperative that parents and guardians inform the school of any special dietary requirements for their child at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your child’s dietary needs can be met from the first day of term. To ensure that provision is in place for the start of term you will need to inform the schools of any special dietary requirements by Friday 14 July at the latest.

Please note that part time pupils and those in childcare settings (even if the setting is within a school e.g., Cylch Meithrin) are NOT eligible.

Please rest assured that if your child is currently in receipt of free school meals and/or any other associated benefits, these will not be affected. At present, the process for requesting a free school meal remains in place and families are encouraged to apply in the usual way in order to secure maximum funding for pupils and their school.

Carmarthenshire’s timetable for roll-out of UPFSM to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils will be announced as soon as possible.


Cllr. Glynog Davies, Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language said: “No parent or guardian should have to worry about their child going hungry in school, therefore I am delighted that the role out of the roll out of the Universal Primary Free School Meal will include Years 3 and 4 from September onwards.”


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