Vaping Awareness film launches in Ceredigion

A Vaping Awareness film has been launched in Ceredigion to raise awareness of the potential dangers and harms of vaping.


Ceredigion County Council’s Community Youth Work and Prevention Team have worked in partnership with Dyfed-Powys Police Intact and Barod Substance Misuse teams along with young people from the county to create a video.


The video was developed to raise awareness of potential repercussions for young people who may choose to vape, including criminal and health repercussions, in addition to signposting available support. The team worked with Carlam, a production company, and a group of young people who attend Project Pathways Programme.


The Pathways Programme is a short-term preventative scheme for young people aged 11-16, in which attendees were split into groups to create a storyboard. The storyboard projected their thoughts and biggest concerns for young people who choose to vape. Once the storyboard had been collated, actors and a film crew were brought in to bring their ideas to life by creating a short film. The film was designed to be used as an educational resource within local secondary schools and colleges.


Zuzanna, a young person who was part of the storyboard and project, said: “I feel proud that I was involved in the video; I hope this will raise awareness of the dangers to teenagers.”


Gwenllian Morris, Ceredigion Team Manager for Community Youth Work & Prevention, said: “Having worked alongside the team to manage and deliver such a project has been a privilege. I’m proud to have worked with the team to create this inspiring and contemporary film that highlights a cause of concern within our society. Creating a short clip with a group of young people and support services has really been beneficial to ensure the story can be as true and precise as possible to raise vaping awareness, which can be shared as an educational resource.”


Councillor Wyn Thomas, Ceredigion’s Cabinet Member for Lifelong Learning and Skills, said: “The work of the Ceredigion Youth Work and Prevention Team is to be commended in producing this film. We are well aware of the vulnerability of young people to substance misuse, and vaping is rapidly becoming a major problem. The Youth Team have worked with young people in producing this film and therefore its content is more relevant to educating young people on the problems associated with vaping. The Youth Work Team are to be commended for their efforts in working with the youth of today on issues that may be harmful to their health and wellbeing.”


In recent press, the Children and Young People Vaping Incident Response Group Report has been published. The report can be viewed here:


The aim of Project Pathways under the Prevention Team is to work with schools to improve their engagement with hard-to-reach young people, with a view to reduce offending and limit the risk of exploitation in our communities. The project works with young people who are at medium to high risk, through weekly sessions in partnership with multi-agencies, including Dyfed-Powys Police, Team Around Family, and Choices. The themes of the project have been separated into three different areas:

Prevention themes – Supporting desistance through awareness raising, positive discussion and consequential thinking around criminality and advice.
Wellbeing – Mindfulness, Anxiety, Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, Resilience. Relationships – parents, peers, community.
Personal Development – Confidence, Goal-setting, Self-efficacy, Communication, Attainment, Participation, Volunteering.

For more information, email or visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page: @GICeredigionYS. Alternatively, visit their website at:


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