Bad haircuts and talentless comedians

There’s something about comedians. They are either funny or awfully unfunny. It is a hard business to be in as we have seen from the numerous flops on talent shows and no doubt on stages in clubs around the country. You can’t fault them for trying to make people laugh. That is unless it is not about making people laugh but to get people to laugh at someone.

Llanelli doesn’t have a great history of producing comedians. Actors maybe, singers, rugby players but not so much comedians. Historically we have seen some of the best comedians on our tv’s and heard some on our radios who somehow survived the woke era and are still funny in a non threatening way. How could Laure and Hardy be cancelled? How about Norman Wisdom or Les Dawson or Tommy Cooper? I am showing my age, it’s 69, boom boom.

If you call yourself a comedian you really have to be funny or at least make us laugh a little perhaps evenĀ  at ourselves. What you can’t do woke culture or not is just simply victimise people, poke fun at them for your own agenda. Use nasty nicknames focusing on that person’s appearance or rant about a group of people you hate for no logical reason. It has never really been acceptable even when comedy was not under the scrutiny of the woke generation. It is more akin to bullying and it usually signals someone’s complete lack of security about themselves or a lack of intelligence to come up with something genuinely funny.

The Three Stooges or at least one of them Moe Howard had a very bad haircut. It was I imagine partly to look ridiculously funny before they even began their performances. We laughed at his haircut before we laughed at their antics. Today those haircuts are commonplace but they still smack of the ridiculous comedy trio.

It does seem that anyone these days fancies themselves as a comedian and complete with a huge ego they take to social media to try to entertain their minimalist audiences whose appreciation can only be measured in sycophantic messages. The clapometer or laughometer would certainly have entered the minus zone in many instances such is the lack of comedy gold. I mean that most sincerely folks.

Some are so deluded that they believe the world stands with them in their hatred and bile directed against people who find themselves at the mercy of a government prepared to cram them onto a floating incubator for Legionnaires Disease in the name of humanitarian sanctuary, Boom Boom.

Or there’s the one about the hotel owners who try to foist a couple of hundred unfortunate victims of geopolitical economy into a small village in Llanelli. Surely you must have heard that one. Geopolitical Economy radically reinterprets the historical evolution of the world order, as a multi-polar world emerges from the dust of the financial and economic crisis. And the Nun says, Is this a nasty habit. I thank you.

Whatever your preference for comedy, whether it is Jethro, Jim Davidson, Alan Carr, Frankie Boyle or that bloke with the funny haircut, just remember we are all human and we all have feelings, even the police. If you want to be funny try learning about humour and give us all a break from the bile and venom you and primarily only you consider funny.

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