Single Issue Politics can get you to number one

GAZA may not be the topic of discussion in every home nor for that matter would Ukraine. A potential threat of Nuclear War from Vladimir Putin on the other hand might just set the tongues wagging as you sip the Bordeaux, Felinfoel Ale or budget squash. We cater for all sorts here.

Everyone has an opinion on something. One only has to look at the numerous group pages on Facebook for 20mph or No Farmers No Food, which have quickly attracted hundreds and thousands of followers and commentators.

The savvy politician will take note because those opinions transfer to votes. Single issues don’t win an election or do they? Historically major social issues like employment, health and education have figured as the top issues on the doorsteps as politicians trudge the streets trying to fit in, cajoul and secure your vote.

Rochdale has just ignited an almighty whizz bang wallop firework under the behinds of the major political forces in the UK and none more so than the Labour Party who should have technically romped home. Instead, they have suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of none other than George Galloway an Anti War ticket. If anything the result shows that there is nothing certain about political seats at Westminster come the next election.

This bolt out of the blue highlights one simple fact. People have the power to influence change and people can and will decide who gets to sit on those green benches. Perhaps that is obvious to some. These groups are growing in numbers sharing and influencing and perhaps tactically manoeuvering and positioning themselves with a party and candidate who may be the polar opposite of parties perceived as out of touch, not listening, unchangeable, breaking promises, taking people for granted, relying on historical habits and the like. There may be a George Galloway lurking in any constituency across the UK and that is the beauty of politics.

During the farmer’s protests in Cardiff politicians from a number of political parties were eager to address the farmers with rousing speeches albeit behind the safety of barriers surrounded by security while others chose to lurk in the shadows or else flog their arrogant stance to death on social media. It is a dangerous game to play. There are considerably more motorists and farmers in Wales than there are Climate Change activists.

It has been a tricky time deciding on my playlist for this week. Plummeting down the charts is ‘The Red Flag’ (Labour Socialists). Rising up the charts is ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ (Ian Gillan). Coming in at number one pop pickers is one for the Leader of the Labour Party by Rainbow; ‘I Surrender’ (Not Arf Mate).

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