Ta-ra then Steve

For those of us in our fifties and sixties the theme to Steve Wright in the afternoon signalled a few hours of mayhem, great music and chat and belief that we were in the company of a friend.

The genius that was Steve Wright is no more. With so much going on in the world there may be some who shrug and say so what. There will be those who are either too young or too old to know who he was.

Quite simply, he was the man who graced our radios for over 40 years. A man who had the common touch. So much so that if one were to walk along passed any building site or happen to be beside a parked builder’s van from 2 pm one would hear that distinctive, cheerful, charming, interesting, funny voice of one of the most talented DJs this country had ever known.

It is not surprising that he trended on Twitter today. It is not surprising that so many people from the World’s most famous to Joe Bloggs builders have taken to express their sadness at his passing but also to share their memories and tributes to the great man.

Steve’s style has been described as ‘zoo radio’. It was an anarchic chaotic but exceptionally well-prepared and fine-tuned light entertainment programme, which made us laugh, kept us intrigued and most importantly wanting more.

He was joined most days by co-presenters who had to take credit for the excellence, which endured for more than four decades. Steve could command any guest appearance and he made interviewing them all sound very easy.

There was a real shock and twinge of sadness when we were told he would be stepping down from his afternoon show. That familiar style, that comfortable feeling of knowing he would be there each day was a lifesaver for some. The characters like ‘the old woman’. Mr Angry and Elvis were just a tonic for the afternoon. A pick me up, always upbeat. The music selection was always on point and he led the way with listeners choosing their ‘non-stop oldies’. On Sundays, he hosted the Sunday Lovesongs and ended his last Valentine’s Day show by saying, ‘Ta-ra then’.

It is Ta-ra Steve and it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to your inimitable style.

Steve Wright Radio Presenter 26th August 1954 – 12th February 2024

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