Waters’ baby to be thrown under bus by Miles if he can find one

THERE is no doubt that the hottest topic in Wales in 2023 apart from the weather was the introduction of the 20mph restrictions on some roads.

The massive change to the lives of motorists was the brainchild/baby of Lee Waters MS who has come in for an incredible amount of abuse on social media. It is fair to say that although it may have been Lee driving the project ahead there would have been a lot of people in the background and politicians at the Senedd who would have been equally keen to get the changes through.

The Senedd is a small place, Wales is a small place. We all know Susan from Ton Pentre or Iestyn from Bangor. When you then break it down to the Labour party in Wales and Labour MS’s it gets even smaller and narrower. Conversations would be taking place all the time in between the long holidays and jolly boy/girl outings to places as far afield as Dubai, Brittany, Canada and Llanbedr.

We in the media are often the first to get wind of decisions, news or scandal in the murky world of politics where once the untouchable pot bellied characters were only know to us every four years on a leaflet shoved through the door with another offering 1p off a bottle of VIM. Today they are all over social media like a rash and inform us of their every minute movement especially if it signals some virtuous deed or a pic of their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We have yet to see one of those on the sands at Cefn Sidan.

Without going around the shortage of affordable housing it appears that Jeremy Miles is about to throw Lee’s baby under a bus if he can find one. That saying may also have to undergo change and become ‘bike’ if those select few continue to push their personal preferences. Mr Miles has touted the fact that he would review the 20mph should he become First Minister of Wales. Forgive me for being a bit suspicious of his motives but Mr Miles does not need the public’s vote to become First Minister only those of his fellow politicians and Climate Change fanatics at the Senedd. He would also need their votes to conduct any reviews and make any subsequent changes.

There may be and I say ‘may be’ ulterior motives for this extraordinary shove on the saddle of Mr Water’s electric bike as they race towards the line of a car free Wales in the Tour De Caerdydd. Let’s face it you can’t use a bike on most roads between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth nor can you find an alternative bus or train for most of the time. It is Cardiff and Cardiff only that must be saved and pollution free with the best schools, the finest restaurants and shopping centre and transport systems. On a wet Wednesday in winter in Waunarlwydd you would be better off in a canoe.

Back to the motives of the Minister for Education soon to be First Minister because of Vaughan’s gaffs outnumbering Jeremy’s. Could it be that this is a sideways move a betrayal of the Electric boy wonder Llanelli/Penarth/Barry’s Lee Waters in favour of amassing the public’s vote in any forthcoming elections where if you believe the hundreds of thousands who signed the petition, neigh death warrant for Waters that Labour are set to lose a large number of seats across Wales. Who they will lose to is a mystery as there does not seem to be any credible opposition from any party anywhere in Wales unless you count UKIP in Llanelli who claim a fete accomplish as replacements for Waters and Griffith and have already started emulsioning the walls at the Pottery Street office and hanging pictures of Oswald Mosely.

Pictures already being removed (allegedly)

Will the people of Wales and more importantly those who voted Labour before they realised the dastardly plans of Waters and Drakeford be all forgiving on the back of a line from Miles that he will review what has turned out to be the most unpopular decision in Wales since the demolition of the Island House pub in Llanelli. The failure in education health and the economy are the issues on the minds of most of the people of Wales who are not still suffering from an intake of too much Double Diamond, Cointreau or Babysham, other beverages are available if you can find a pub still open.

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