Princess Gwenllian Centre (PGC) “Under New Management”

A welcoming and well-attended event was hosted last night by the trustees of the registered charity Kidwelly Town Community Hall and CAMpRA, a group for “aires” in the UK.

‘Aire’ is short for the French ‘aire de service’, a low-cost motorhome camping area with typically just the basics of water and waste disposal, and which the PGC now offer, with many parking places available.

The Kidwelly Town Community Hall has had an influx of 11 new trustees in 2023, making a total of 12. Some are also Kidwelly Town Councillors.

We spoke with some of the new trustees and staff, and the mood was upbeat and invigorating.

The new bar was open and well managed.  A folk band of mostly local and very skilled musicians – “Hot Air” provided the entertainment, and Simon J’s Pizzeria sold delicious looking fragrant pizzas to the attendees.

The activities at the hall fall into two categories –

  • the social – managed by Leann Douglas, the new facilitator (contact which has a focus of involving the entire community and for which funding has been obtained and will continue to be sought by grants.
  • the money generating – with the promotion of the hall and rooms for public hire

The new treasurer Robert Davies having a background in business and as an employer advised he will be keeping a close eye on the financial accounts, which will soon be up to date and available on the Charity Commission website.

The website is currently undergoing a re-vamp and when finished will include a clear diary of what is happening and when, and this will be of particular use to those wanting to make a private booking.

The next big event at the PGC, open to all, in the evening so those employed can also attend, is a FREE DINNER! Plus kids activities! Provided by the Carmarthenshire Food Network next Friday 10th Nov 23, 5pm – 7pm. Booking is essential, visit the PGC Facebook page, call or email for the Eventbrite link (Food For Thought Feast Tickets). 

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