Debate with respect and compassion

There is rightful anger and opposition to the Home Office plans for asylum seekers in the Stradey Park Hotel and local people have voiced legitimate concerns over the impact on the local community.

Llanelli Hope Not Hate shares many of these concerns and joins the call for this plan to be dropped.

It is not right for the community and it is not right for vulnerable asylum seekers.

In sharing this view we are also calling on the community to share our values of respect, compassion and the need to listen to each other.

We want to make an appeal to Llanelli:

Let’s have a debate where we treat everyone with respect and compassion.

Let’s talk to each other to understand each others views with open minds, open ears and open hearts.

Let’s be better informed and seek out the facts on asylum seekers and refugees and reject the language of fear.

Let’s reject the division and hatred of Far Right groups. These people have no interest in our community – they only seek to promote their message of intolerance and racism.

We believe in the people of Llanelli and the strength of our community.

That’s why local people, church groups, voluntary groups and charities have come together under the umbrella of Llanelli Hope Not Hate to unite behind our message of compassion and understanding.



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