Olympians urge you to nominate your heart heroes

Dear Editor


You may know us as Olympic gymnasts but we’re thrilled to have taken on new roles as ambassadors for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).


This is a charity that is extremely close to our hearts. Our brother, Josh, sadly died from a sudden cardiac arrest in 2021 while he was playing cricket. CPR was attempted before he was taken to hospital, but nothing could be done to save him. He was just 24.


We later found out he had a heart condition called arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, which is genetic and something we continue to be monitored for.


This is why we’re so passionate about supporting the BHF and know there is more research that needs to be done, which could prevent others from losing their loved ones. Every fundraiser, volunteer and researcher are an essential part in making this happen, and the BHF’s Heart Hero Awards celebrates those who have made a difference to those affected by heart conditions.


Without them, the groundbreaking work the BHF does just wouldn’t be possible. Entries are now open, so please show your support and nominate your heart heroes by visiting bhf.org.uk/hhanominate

Becky and Ellie Downie
British Heart Foundation ambassadors & Olympic gymnasts


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