Beefeater parking fines unjust claims Llanelli resident

People visiting a Llanelli restaurant have been hit with parking charges despite having followed the regulations for parking at the premises. The charges have been called unfair and unjust by those using the restaurant. There have been similar issues at other Beefeater restaurants across the UK.

Beverly Davies is one such victim of what appears to be a fault on the system of the company who is responsible for the parking charges, ParkMaven. We tried to contact the company via their website but they do not list any contact details other than a postal address.

Mrs Davies said that she attended the Beefeater at Parc Pemberton early in July for a meal. She entered her registration number as required and sat down to enjoy her meal. Beverly said that she uses the restaurant on a regular basis.

Mrs Davies said: “A couple of weeks later I received a demand for £60 from ParkMaven. I went to see the manager and he said that he had had numerous letters and that I should not take any notice of the charge. I have recently received another letter asking for £100 because I ignored the first. There are other examples on Trip Advisor. I am not paying that. I don’t want to go to court. It seems to be a problem at the Premiere Inn too where customers and staff have received letters for charges.

“I can understand that there is a problem as I work in Asda and I have to park there as staff and there is also a parking issue when the Scarlets play at home. The machine takes a photo of your car registration when you enter and when you leave. It is fine to park as long as you are using the facility. I work hard and I don’t want to have to pay £100 out of my earnings for something that is not my fault.”

We tried contacting the Beefeater but we were met with automated messages.

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