Elli Ward Labour candidate Nick Pearce sets out his vision for town

Nick Pearce is standing for election in the Elli Ward. He joins a long list of candidates hoping to get your vote on March 6th.

Nick sets out his stall by saying: “So, election leaflets are starting to fall on the mats of Elli ward homes promising everything from saving the NHS to scrapping the 20mph speed limit. You have to wonder if they have read the County Councillor job description.

“I am just about to go into my fourth year as a Town Councillor in the Elli ward and I know that, first and foremost, a councillor’s job is to hear what the residents want. It is their priorities, and their challenges that matter and you can’t know what they are unless you ask and then listen.

“It can be frustrating as a town councillor when so many of the problems that people are facing on their streets are the responsibility of the county council to put right. Too often, it seems all I can do is call it in and hope for the best. Oh boy, that is going to change if I am elected.

“So it is important to remember that the power lies with the community, you pay the council tax, and your councillor is your representative, to go and bang the table in county hall on your behalf.

“Like Councils throughout the UK, Carmarthenshire is in dire straights financially and they are clearly struggling to maintain services, but all too often their attitude to people’s concerns feels high-handed and dismissive.

“Take the Rose Garden on the corner of New Road and Stradey Park Avenue for example. Previously a squalid little vacant lot belonging to the county council. Cllr Jenkins and I collaborated to establish and support a community group to transform it into a beautiful garden and community asset. The volunteers have worked tremendously hard and do a fantastic job and it hasn’t cost C.C.C. a penny. So when the back wall of the garden fell in a recent storm you would think the council would be quick to respond. Instead, emails and phone calls are ignored. It’s not good enough, they need to do much more to support the efforts of communities who are finding they have to take the initiative.

“So what can a lone voice do in the County hall? Well, that’s where it is important to vote for someone who can work as part of a bigger team. I will be joining twenty-one Labour colleagues. Eleven from Llanelli, fighting for Llanelli in a rural-centric Plaid-run county council.

“So, yes, it is ward and community first, improving cleansing services, tackling the air pollution levels in Pembrey Road, and further traffic calming in areas like Chapman and Miles Street.
From a wider perspective, I will be campaigning for a sensible, joined-up strategy for the regeneration of the town centre, fighting to keep vital health services here in Llanelli, supporting community groups to help the disadvantaged and tackling unlawful and anti-social behaviour wherever it occurs.

“It is important work that needs understanding, dedication, energy and enthusiasm and I can not wait to get stuck in.”



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