Llanelli MS issues warning to online trolls

Lee Waters MS has issued a warning to those who are posting comments on his social media page where he says he is getting abuse from people from outside his constituency. The MS has come under fire online for his role in the 20MPH changes in Wales. Mr Waters also became a target for the Voice of Wales and an element of protesters at the Stradey Park Hotel. Some maintained that the MS was conspicuously absent from the protest. The Labour office in Pottery Street Llanelli was vandalised in recent months.

There have been numerous claims online that his political career is finished but it does not look like Mr Waters will following in the footsteps of the First Minister and  stepping down any time soon. Posting on Facebook the Llanelli MS said:

“You’ll have noticed that whatever topic I post on I get flooded with comments and insults about 20mph – and almost all of them are from people outside our area.

“In line with my social media policy (which you can see at the top of the page) the point of this page is to engage with people who live in the Llanelli constituency. I like to debate and discuss. But it is not a place for abuse. I will block people who just want to have a go and I will limit my comments when there’s a pile-on.

“As you can see from the piece below there is an organised effort to draw the policy into the election campaign, and whenever I post, Tory controlled Facebook groups instantly ask their followers to leave hostile comments.

“Some people seem to think that as a politician I should just suck it up. I don’t agree.
I strongly believe in openness and accountability and have always honestly answered questions and discussed subjects on here. But it is impossible to do that in the currently climate, sadly.
Anyone is welcome to email me: Lee.Waters@Senedd.Wales and I am available to help any constituent, or answer your questions.

The MS has a Social media policy, which reads as follows:

This page is a space for me to share information, promote local news and to provide updates from the Senedd and Welsh Government for my constituents.

While I appreciate individual opinions, lived experience and constructive debate, offensive, aggressive or discriminatory language will not be tolerated on this page. If anyone wants to just have a go and make snide comments, then they need to do that on their own social media platforms and not mine.

I reserve the right to remove comments which use such language or comments, and which contain misinformation. I also reserve the right to remove comments which link to websites and sources which contain such language.

I reserve the right to report and/or block individuals who do not adhere to this page policy,
I will help anyone I can regardless of what they’ve said about me. If you aren’t able to access my page or messages but have an issue or need help please email me: Lee.Waters@Senedd.wales.

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