Motorist receives 15 months ban for dangerous driving captured on dashcam

A dangerous driver who overtook three vehicles on approach to a blind corner, before almost causing a head-on collision, has been banned for 15 months and fined a total of £180.

On Saturday 4th June 2022, a grey Jaguar was witnessed performing a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre on the A487 near Llandysul. Whilst driving along the 40mph road, the Jaguar overtook three vehicles on approach to a sharp blind corner, situated next to a crossroads. This was despite multiple road warning signs, markings and a solid white to prevent overtaking. The jaguar then caused an oncoming vehicle to slow down and avoid a head-on collision.

Footage from a dashcam was sent to GoSafe through Operation Snap and the driver was identified. Saji Thomas, a 52-year-old from the Liverpool area, was interviewed at Newtown Police Station and admitted the offence dangerous driving.

Mr Thomas appeared in Aberystwyth Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 14th September, and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. Consideration was made for the guilty plea and Mr Thomas was disqualified from driving for 15 months, ending with an extended re-test to get their licence back. They were also made to pay £85 in court costs and a £95 surcharge.

If you believe you have witnessed dangerous driving or other driving offences on the road, you can submit photographic and video evidence to GoSafe at Operation SNAP (


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