Outrage as businessman urinates on pensioner suffering from Prostate Cancer

A Llanelli businessman has been labelled as ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile’ after he posted a video of himself urinating over an elderly gentleman in a urinal at the Llanelli Tennis and Squash Club in Llanelli.

Leigh Brookfield a Llanelli DJ posted the video on his Snapchat page but removed it shortly after a barrage of complaints appeared on the post. His account has subsequently been deleted.

The elderly gentleman can be heard telling the man that he had been suffering from Prostate Cancer. The businessman then says, ‘sorry to hear that’ whilst urinating over the man who has his back towards him and appears unaware that the incident has taken place.

The video appears to have been made using a mobile phone in the possession of Mr Brookfield

Someone on social media had re-recorded the video and reposted it to highlight how terrible the act was. Mr Brookfield attempted to apologise but only after he responded to a man who had complained by messaging ‘f**k off you fat c**t’.

The Llanelli Tennis and Squash Club have banned Mr brookfield for life. They posted on their Facebook Page:

Huge numbers of people took to social media to complain and aim their wrath at Mr Brookfield.

One commented: “Waw Leigh Brookfield I just took you off all my socials and you won’t be a DJ in my engagement party now, poor man, disgusting. If that were my grandfather I swear!! Feel physically sick that people are such buzzing humans. He’s talking about his illness and you piss on him.”

Mr Brookfield posted an apology as follows: “If I could take it all back I would. It’s just something me and the boys do when we are drunk and until watching the video back I didn’t realise that the nice gentleman next to me was going through health problems. I am so sorry to the family and I will personally come and see you tomorrow to give an apology. In no way shape or form has my actions got to do with my brother’s business or Stamps . It is all on me!!! But I am deeply apologetic and will do my best to rectify this. Please stop messaging my friends especially my pregnant GF. She knows what I’m like and it was a horrible mistake that I will make up tomorrow, I came home early tonight after my actions but I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.”

There have been hundreds of complaints and the incident has been reported to Dyfed-Powys Police.

We contacted Dyfed-Powys Police for a comment.

The son of the elderly gentleman reposted the video so that people could see exactly what took place. To preserve the elderly gentleman’s dignity and out of respect for the family we have decided not to include the video here.

The son of the pensioner commented: “Thanks to all for your support and messages my dad is overwhelmed by everyone’s support and well wishes, means a lot to him.

“Police have what they need and are pursuing it.

“Hopefully this will get sorted and my dad can concentrate on his health moving forward.

“Thanks all from myself and dad.”

Comments can be seen below:

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National newspapers have taken up the story.

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