Parc Howard packs them in for Bank Holiday easter egg hunt

PARC HOWARD looked glorious in all its colour and full of children rampaging around the grounds in search of Easter eggs today, Monday (Apr 23). 

Rabbits of all shapes and sizes appeared from the undergrowth clutching pieces of paper and pens in the hope of finding all the clues to take back to the mansion house and claim the bounty of free eggs. 

The usual suspects were on hand to keep an eye on things and man the stalls, pour the tea and guide the lost towards the toilets. 

Usual suspects: Volunteers Phillip Thomas, Cllr Rob James and Rev Eldon Phillips

Around one thousand give or take a few people made their way to Llanelli’s jewel in the crown on a day bathed in April sunshine (yes Bank Holiday Monday too). 

Parc Howard has been spared a fume gulching car park and it seems harmony reigns as political differences have been set apart. A new organisation is now in full flow in trying to find ways in which the park can be preserved for the public whilst competing in a world where cash is King. 

More events are planned to lure people who know about this beautiful resource reputedly in the ownership of the children of Llanelli if you know your history and those who don’t know (over the bridge). 

Six-year-old Theia Evans made a piece of Llanelly Pottery

Historian Phillip Thomas said: “It has been a fantastic day. It has been the biggest crowd we have had for a few years. We are giving pleasure and raising awareness for the park. Since the collaboration of the new group it has been a positive move. We are trying to find ways we can support the projects, which are put forward. We are giving ideas and hopefully the event in the summer will attract a lot of people. There is a lot of art on display here in the mansion house. There is a lot of history here and you just can’t beat the place on a sunny day like today.”

Happy with the event: Historian Phillip Thomas

Councillor Rob James was at the event volunteering along with the Reverend Eldon Phillips. He said: “What an excellent event It is wonderful to see so many people in our park on this glorious day.

“With around a thousand in the park this afternoon, I am so proud of the work of my fellow members on Parc Howard Association and I hope every had a lovely time.

“I look forward seeing the summer events in the park next and I hope local residents will continue to support our events and enjoy the park.”

A grand day out: Volunteers who worked hard to provide the fun



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