Pigs In Space…For Now

Two not three little piggies have gone to market but not for the chop rather for a taste of freedom. The two pigs were spotted roaming around Llangennech enjoying the space and freedom of the area. Latest reports suggest the pigs are still in the Maes Ty Gwyn area of the village.

The four legged porkys have taken to helping Carmarthenshire County Council with good old fashioned recycling by eating the contents of the local bins.

Local councillor Gary Robert Jones said that the pigs have been running free for some time and he even went to the trouble of marking their location on Google Maps. It was too difficult to get a tracking device on the porkers he said.

Local residents have been warned not to approach the pigs as they can turn nasty if provoked.

The not so familiar tale of two little pigs has been reported but for the moment they creatures are running wild and free.

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