Reform UK announce Gareth Beer as candidate for Llanelli Constituency

Reform UK is pleased to announce that Gareth Beer, a local businessman, father of four, and Kidwelly Town councillor, will be the party’s candidate for the new Llanelli Constituency in the upcoming general election. Beer is committed to representing the hardworking individuals, families, young people, and pensioners who demand more from their government.

Gareth explains why he is standing at the upcoming general election.

“I can no longer stand by and watch our town, communities, and country decline,” Gareth said. “Under Welsh Labour, with support from Plaid Cymru, Wales has fallen behind in nearly every national metric. The central government isn’t doing any better. After 14 years of Conservative rule, we’re facing record-high NHS waiting lists, deteriorating public services, rising crime, exorbitant taxes, soaring debt, unchecked immigration, and a severe cost of living crisis. The Conservatives have broken Britain, and a Labour government would be even worse; they will bankrupt Britain. Both parties are just two sides of the same coin.”
Gareth believes the two-party system has failed to provide real solutions to the country’s problems. “We need long-term changes in how our country is governed, with proper leadership and common-sense policies. Reform UK will protect our borders, reduce taxes, scrap net zero, have cheaper energy and uphold British values and free speech.”

Support for Reform UK in the Llanelli constituency spans from Ferryside to Llangennech, Tycroes to Llangyndeyrn, and Cwmffrwd. With the help of his wife and campaign manager Michelle and a growing team of supporters, Gareth Beer has already taken the Reform Party’s campaign around the new constituency, including Llanelli, Kidwelly, Ferryside, Llansaint, Llandyfaelog, Mynddygarreg, Cross Hands, and Tycroes. They are energised to bring Reform’s message of common sense and hope to the people, providing a real alternative to the bland, empty promises offered by the other main parties.

“I’ve received strong support from former Labour, Conservative, Plaid, UKIP, and Independent supporters. I remain focused on engaging in sensible, adult debates and working toward positive action for reform and change for Llanelli and this country.”

“In the coming weeks, I am committed to meeting and hearing from as many residents as possible, providing hope that there is a credible alternative party they can support. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I promise you this: I want to see change and reform, and we have to start somewhere. That starts with each and every one of us with a key goal for change. Many of Reform UK’s candidates are regular working people like myself who may not have entered politics if it weren’t for the state of our country. They are taking the bold step to challenge the status quo, driven by the desire to see better futures for their families, communities, and country.”

“To stand as a candidate for a new party takes tremendous effort. Many of us have full-time jobs and family commitments, so campaigning requires sacrifices of our free time and work hours. I will be setting aside paid work to run this campaign to the best of my ability because I know I am providing hope to thousands in this constituency who seek an alternative to support. However, seeing change requires collective effort. It will take all of us working together to unseat Labour and bring a fresh party into the scene. It starts with each and every one of us united in our desire to take our country back, ensuring we don’t have mass immigration straining our public services from the NHS to education and housing, and that we scrap the Net Zero nonsense.”

“Net Zero policies sets into motion a domino effect affecting everything from food security, industry, our landscapes and damaging the overall economy for everyone. There are more balanced and effective ways to address environmental concerns without jeopardising families, vital industries and jobs.”

Reform UK in Wales is currently polling at 17% in the YouGov polls, just 1% behind the Conservatives.

“By election time, I believe Reform will have picked up even more as the credible alternative that the people of Llanelli will get behind and support if they want to see a change from Labour. I won’t be able to do it myself; it needs the support and unity of the good people of this constituency to come together and send a clear and strong message to Westminster that it’s time for Reform.”

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