Residents baffled as cameras spring up on Sandy Road

Residents on and around Sandy Road in Llanelli have woken up to find a string of cameras placed on posts along the main road. Some took to social media to ask what they were for and who installed them. Some raised concerns they might be gathering personal information.

The company ‘Streetwise’ who installed them is a specialist Transportation Data and Asset Inventory consultancy.

Some residents have asked who asked for the survey and if it were public knowledge. they also asked what will be done with the information.

Automatic traffic count (ATC) data is used for a variety of purposes to support transport planning and design considerations, for example in visibility splay assessments. It is a highly cost effective method of collecting large volumes of a week or more of classified and/ or speed data.

The company state: “Typically, for temporary surveys, we would collect data using an air pulse recording device connected to pneumatic tubes. By deploying the most advanced tube based Metrocount units we can report a vehicle by vehicle basis for not only class and speed but also for gap and headway. Alternatively, where necessary due to safety considerations, we can deploy radar recording units to provide a simplified classified count and speed data.

“In addition to temporary applications, we collect data from permanent (typically inductive loop) counts sites and can install and commission these for local authorities, retail, leisure or other developments.”

Local councillor Martyn Palfreman said:

“I have taken this up with Carmarthenshire County Council and they have advised that the temporary cameras have been installed to monitor traffic and collect data to help inform potential highway improvements in the area. I have been assured that no personal information such as registration plates is being captured as part of this exercise. Cllr Ed Skinner and I are in ongoing dialogue with Highways officers and hope to provide a fuller update on the position regarding Sandy Road in the near future. Anyone wishing to discuss this further is more than welcome to direct message me at my Councillor Martyn Palfreman page and I am happy to arrange a discussion. Thanks.”

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