Rugby Ref Charlie Evans wants to send Labour the “red card” in Llanelli

Local rugby referee Charlie Evans, who is standing as the Welsh Conservative candidate for Llanelli in the General Election, has pledged to call out Labour’s “foul play” over their record in Llanelli and Wales.


Evans referees rugby matches across the Llanelli constituency, and this Sunday (17th March), he will be in the middle for Scarlets v RGC U16s.


Evans said, “I am passionate about rugby refereeing, but I am even more energised about campaigning and standing up for the people of Llanelli. I’m used to keeping the discipline on the rugby field, but my attention is now going to turn to calling out the foul play we see constantly at the hands of Labour.


“Labour always pursue pet projects over the people’s priorities. More politicians in the Senedd; weird city status plans for Llanelli; ‘nation of sanctuary’ policies; and prioritising tree planting over our farmers.”


But Evans has said he will be looking forensically at Plaid Cymru’s record as well.


“Plaid Cymru aren’t any better. They’re propping up the Cardiff Bay regime. And in County Hall, they’ve found £3.3 million under the mattress for the cycle path in Carmarthen, but refuse to spend £200,000 on keeping public toilets open.”


Evans, an NHS worker, has pledged to fight for the future of Prince Philip and Glangwili Hospitals.


“On the real priorities, Labour are missing in action. They closed our A&E in Prince Philip Hospital. And now they can’t even staff our Minor Injuries Unit. They’re going to downgrade Glangwili Hospital as well, meaning we need to go to Swansea for our care.


“On education, Labour and Plaid are imposing deep cuts on Llanelli and Carmarthenshire’s schools, yet are spending £33 million directly on their blanket 20mph speed limits.


“As a referee, I need to be focused at all times to see what’s happening across the field. I will use these skills to pay close attention to the repeated infringements Labour and Plaid are inflicting on the people of Llanelli. If elected to Parliament, I won’t be going offside. I will always be on the side of working people in Llanelli.


“It’s time to put Llanelli first. Let’s show Labour the red card.”

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