School’s policy is ‘no shorts to school for boys’ despite sweltering heat

The parent of a boy who attends Coedcae School in Llanelli claims her son wore a skirt to school in order to wear a pair of shorts underneath because of the sweltering heat. The parent who did not wish to be named said that she would like to see the school amend the clothing dress code to enable boys to wear shorts.

The parent said: “I sent my son to school on Thursday in school PE kit and I had a call to say he had to come home because he did not have correct uniform on.  I wasn’t happy with the way he was treated. I said a boy could not wear a skirt and I was told they can if a boy identifies as a girl. My son identifies as a boy. He went to school  in a skirt, shorts and a white top and he was able to remain in school. Two schools in the area are allowing boys to wear shorts. I was told that if I did not like the school policy I could put my son in another school.”

The parent said that the school did not send her son home when he wore a skirt because of the ‘fear of reprisals’ surrounding the issue of gender identity.

The parent said that she was ‘not happy’ with Coedcae school’s stance especially given the ‘incredible heat’ in recent weeks.

The parent claims that she had been told that if her son wore a skirt with shorts beneath then he could do so however if he removed the skirt it would result in her son being isolated in a classroom because he was improperly dressed.

The parent said that she had contacted the school and that the deputy head had told her that the wearing of a skirt is universal.

The parent asked: “When was the last time you saw a man wearing a skirt and tell me which shops in Llanelli sell skirts for men or boys? There are a number of boys wearing skirts but it is just to make a point. The school could easily amend their policy for summer wear.”

The Headteacher of Ysgol Coedcae School, Mrs Tracy Senchal said: “At Coedcae School, as with most secondary schools across Carmarthenshire, we expect all our pupils to wear the formal school uniform.  As a school community, we will continue to work together to monitor the situation and weather patterns carefully. If there are any changes, parents will be informed through our usual communication channels.”

 “During the rest of this term, the school will be consulting with pupils, parents and governors on the provision of school uniform.”

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