Traffic chaos following yet another road traffic collision on Sandy Road

Emergency services were called to a road traffic collision on Sandy Road in Llanelli today, Monday (Feb 27).

One resident said it was the tenth crash within twelve months.

Another local resident said that the collision took place at approximately 4.15pm and caused chaos along what has been labelled as one of the most polluted roads in Carmarthenshire.

The resident said that this was yet another vehicle crash on Sandy Road and was now becoming a frequent occurrence.

The resident who did not wish to be named said: “This is a blight on the local community. We have been pleading for something to be done before someone is killed. It’s ok for politicians to provide whacky ideas and reject local solutions until there is a fatality. The lights have caused havoc with traffic but no one seems to listen or care. Politicians blame each other and claim there is no money for roads but there seems to be plenty of cash for their ideas that ultimately fail. The residents here are fed up with the constant chaos involving traffic and the high levels of pollution being spewed out from vehicles, which strangely enough don’t include too many electric cars. Perhaps we need to plant a forest nearby as that seems to be the only solution politicians can come up with.”


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