Ban on street drinking in Ceredigion town centres expected to continue

A BAN on street drinking in three Ceredigion town centres is expected to continue for a further three years.

There are currently three Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in place in Ceredigion, covering the town centres of Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter.

In 2017, the previous Designated Public Space Orders were replaced by council for Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs).

These orders allow the banning of drinking alcohol in designated areas in order to address anti-social behaviour in public places.

Implementation of an order makes it an offence should a person fail to comply with a request from a police officer or an authorised officer to not consume alcohol, or refuses to surrender alcohol to the officer.

Offenders are liable to a summary conviction and a fine not exceeding £500.

The three PSPOs in Ceredigion originally had a three-year provision, and were due to expire in October 2020, but legislation allowed the council a three-year extension, where “it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that doing so is necessary to prevent an occurrence or recurrence of the activities identified in the order.”

That happened in 2020, the current expiry date of the PSPOs is now October 19, 2023.

Members of Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet, meeting September 5, are recommended to extend the orders for a further three years.

A review must take place every three years and where a continuation of an existing order is involved, a full consultation is not required.

A full consultation would be needed if the geographical boundaries of the designated area were to be changed or if additional activities were to be added to the ban, such as begging or busking.

A report for Cabinet members said Dyfed-Powys Police, the Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner and the three town councils (Aberystwyth, Lampeter and Cardigan), all supported the PSPOs continuing.

“Furthermore, at a Community Safety Partnership (CSP) meeting on the June 19, it was confirmed that Partners consider the PSPOs to be a deterrent and an effective tool in reducing alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour,” the report adds.

The extension of the PSPOs will cost of approximately £700 through public notices being placed in the press.

Cabinet members are recommended to extend the life of the PSPOs to October 19, 2026, on the basis: “There is a need to facilitate a continuation of measures by way of continuing the provision of PSPOs in the three town centres specified.

“This is required in order to address instances of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, crime caused by the intoxicated individuals and harassment and intimidation to members of the public.”

Pic – Aberystwyth, by Elkanah Evans

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