Call to review resident parking permit sale to holidaymakers will not be adopted

A CALL for Pembrokeshire to review its policy of selling resident parking permits to holidaymakers has not been adopted, but the situation will be monitored.

A notice of motion by Tenby councillor Michael Williams, heard by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet on July 3, asked that: “PCC immediately cease issuing parking permits to other than permanent residents.”

The motion was previously submitted to Pembrokeshire’s full council before being referred to Cabinet.

Cllr Williams added: “The situation in certain areas of Tenby are now extremely difficult for residents, many of whom are afraid to use their vehicles as there is little chance that upon return they will be able to find anywhere to park.

“Often vehicles with visitor permits will be parked for periods of seven to 14 days completely blocking residents from parking. Suitable parking is available in nearby car parks, and the removal of this facility would make life a great deal easier for the few remaining long-suffering residents that have not been priced out of the town.

“In certain areas it appears that the number of permits issued sometime exceed the number of spaces available. The issuing of permits to second home-owners should also be critically reviewed, with an audit of the impact on full term residents undertaken.

“The critical importance of tourism is recognised but there is also a cost which has never been evaluated. The inability of residents to avail themselves of such a basic facility for which they pay is but one example of that cost.”

The visitor permit fee has recently been increased from £40 to £50 a week, following Cabinet approval in February.

A report for members said there was a need for additional monitoring of the situation before any decision was made.

It was recommended that the Notice of Motion was not supported, but monitoring takes place over the next six months, with reports back to Cabinet following the tourist season.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Williams said he accepted the recommendation, adding that Tenby’s Lower Frog Street was becoming a particular problem area.

Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services Rhys Sinnett said there were legitimate concerns about the parking situation in Tenby, suggesting there was now an opportunity to meet with local representatives in addition to the monitoring.

Cabinet members backed the recommendation, a report is expected to return to the October meeting.

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