Glamorgan Council moves to one bin-bag collection every three weeks

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is set to move to one bin bag collection every three weeks.

At a meeting this week, council cabinet members will also be asked to approve plans to start charging residents for garden waste collections.

If approved, the changes will come into effect from July 1.

The proposed garden waste charge will come in the form of an annual subscription payment for the collection green waste once per fortnight between March and November.

It will be a ring and request service on a first come first serve basis, between
December and February for subscribers.

Despite a better than expected funding increase of 8.9% from the Welsh Government, the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s leader, Cllr Lis Burnett said the figure “will not resolve” the financial pressures in the authority’s budget.

The green waste charge is one of the ways that council is looking to alleviate this pressure.

Together with reducing staff and vehicle numbers for green waste collection, it is hoped that the subscription will help the council save £500,000.

By reducing bin bag collections to just once every three weeks, the council is hoping to improve the rate of recycling in the Vale.

A council report which will be discussed by cabinet members this week states: “In 2022, a national waste compositional analysis was undertaken across Wales.

“The Report clearly indicates that black bag waste still contains recyclable
materials. The highest offender being food waste at 14.52%.

“This not only impacts on black bag weight and recycling performance but also on service resource demands from clearing split bags and spillages ripped open by birds and vermin as well as reducing street cleansing standards.”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet will meet to discuss and make a decision on the proposals on Thursday January 17.


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