Gross misconduct not proven

A gross misconduct hearing has found that force used by a South Wales Police was necessary, proportionate, and reasonable.


The officer had been accused of breaching the standard of professional behaviour by using unnecessary force on Mr Mohamud Hassan at Cardiff Bay Police Station.


The misconduct hearing panel, made up of a Legally Qualified Chair, a police superintendent from a different police force, and an independent member, considered whether the officer had breached the standards of professional behaviour.


The panel found the allegations were not proven.


They concluded that the evidence supported the officer’s account, and that the use of force he used was “necessary, proportionate, and reasonable”.


The officer told the hearing that he had heard Mr Mohamud Hassan preparing to spit while they were walking through the station’s custody suite on January 8, 2021.


He said he held Mr Hassan’s head down to prevent him from spitting at himself and his colleagues.


The misconduct hearing was told that the time spent in custody was not a contributory factor to Mr Hassan’s death.


Assistant Chief Constable Danny Richards said: “We acknowledge the impact Mohamud Hassan’s death has had on his family, friends, and the wider community. Our thoughts and condolences continue to be with them.

“We can only imagine how difficult this period has been for Mr Hassan’s family and the pain and grief that they are enduring after his death.

“Until this stage SWP have been prevented from commenting on the death of Mr Hassan or the subsequent IOPC independent investigation.


“It is important to note the comments of the Coroner at a previous Pre-Inquest Review hearing who said the Post Mortem had excluded a causal link between the actions of officers during the time of Mr Hassan’s detention in custody and his death several hours later.

“South Wales Police has fully co-operated with the Independent Office for Police Conduct investigation, providing them with information and material, including CCTV footage and body-worn video.


“We hope that this independent scrutiny and the outcome of the forthcoming inquest proceedings will provide answers to the many questions which have been raised about his death.”

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