Jail for man who burgled home of vulnerable pensioner

A man has been jailed for burgling the home of a vulnerable pensioner.

George Borg entered the woman’s house in Riverside Cardiff, on the morning of April 6 and stole her mobile phone.

Unluckily for him, CCTV had recently been installed in the house by the woman’s family to keep her safe as she was prone to falling.

George Borg was caught on camera burgling a house in Riverside, Cardiff.

Borg asked the 73-year-old woman, who is disabled, if she had any money before stealing her mobile phone and walking away.

Using Retrospective Facial Recognition on the CCTV image detectives identified the suspect as 64-year-old George Borg – someone who was known to police.

He was arrested the following day, charged, and later pleaded guilty to burglary.

On June 5, Borg from #Butetown returned to #Cardiff Crown Court where he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

George Borg has been jailed

Detective Constable David Maunder from South Wales Police said: “We hope that the outcome of our investigation will bring some comfort to this lady and her family and reassure the wider community of our commitment to investigating burglaries.

“South Wales Police will use all available technology to bring offenders to justice.”

We recognise that being a victim of burglary is a traumatic experience and we do everything possible to bring offenders to justice.

👮 #swpDetectives #KeepingCardiffSafe.

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