Living Streets Cymru response to Welsh Government’s Road Review

Living Streets Cymru, part of the UK charity for everyday walking welcomes the focus on active travel in Welsh Government’s Roads Review, which is published today (14 February 2023).

In the review, Welsh Government commits to developing and promoting active travel infrastructure, maintaining roads and pavements, and looking at solutions to tackle air pollution and improve public health.

Living Streets Cymru believes that Welsh Government’s investment in programmes and behaviour change interventions is essential to encourage more people to walk, wheel and cycle.

Living Streets is working with over 60 schools in Wales to increase the number of children and their families who walk, wheel or cycle to school through WOW – the walk to school challenge. On average, WOW schools see a 30% reduction in car journeys taken to the school gates and a 23% increase in walking rates.

Joshua James, Public Affairs Manager for Living Streets Cymru, said:

“We applaud Welsh Government for prioritising more sustainable forms of travel.

“Walking can be hugely beneficial to our physical and mental health and wellbeing, can reduce social isolation in older adults and improves children’s performance at school. Sadly, only 44% of children in Wales travel actively to primary school and just 34% of secondary school pupils walk or cycle*. We must encourage more children to walk to school in order to engrain healthy behaviours from an early age and benefit future generations.

“Living Streets Cymru is working with Welsh Government and local authorities to improve active travel routes so that more people in Wales can enjoy the benefits of walking.”

*Walking and cycling in Wales: Active travel, 2018-19, Statistics for Wales



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