Police seek to facilitate lawful, peaceful protest at Stradey Park Hotel

Following reports of far right groups attending the residents’ protest at Stradey Park Hotel Dyfed-Powys Police responded to our enquiries to find out whether they were monitoring the groups with the following statement:

“Dyfed-Powys Police will always seek to facilitate lawful peaceful protest while balancing it with the rights of others, keeping the public safe and preventing crime and disorder.

We will work with protest organisers (where they are identified) and those taking part, to enable, facilitate and protect peaceful and lawful protest.

Any violence and risk to public safety will not be tolerated. Any criminal offences reported will be investigated and the appropriate action taken.”

A  letter sent yesterday to Carmarthenshire Council by Rob Horwood, managing director of Sterling Woodrow, owners of the Stradey Park Hotel reads as follows:

Thank you for your correspondence and your interest in the Stradey Park Hotel. We are very grateful for the support that Carmarthen Council offer.

We continue to operate as a hotel and take pride in our levels of service. We have not cancelled any wedding bookings.

You are right to identify that we are a major local employer and it is our intention to continue to be so.

One of a number of future options that have become open to us is engagement with Clearsprings Ready-Homes.

Our commitment that we have made absolutely no contractual agreements is extant; there is no ambiguity in this.

This is one option that we are looking at amongst others and it would be inappropriate for you to make any inference about our future intention other than our commitment to ensure that all statutory and mandatory standards are met and that our employees and residents continue to be looked after appropriately.

We do not recognise the suggestion around potential job losses.

Please engage with Clearsprings Ready-Homes around any issues pertaining to asylum seeking since this is their expertise and not ours.’

Rob Horwood.

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