Recycling centre in Vale of Glamorgan labeled ‘horrendous’ by Council leader

Image: Place for Homes (land nearby could serve as new site for replacement facility for Llandow Recycling Centre).

THE leader of Vale of Glamorgan Council said it would be wonderful to find a replacement for one of the county’s recycling centres, which she labelled “horrendous”.

Last month, it was revealed that the council may have found a potential site to construct a replacement facility for Llandow Recycling Centre in the form of land near Place for Homes in Llandow.

The council has been looking to develop a replacement site for the recycling centre for years.

Council leader Lis Burnett, said it has been a “massive” source of frustration waiting for a solution to formulate.

“But, it is probably an even greater source of frustration to local residents because we haven’t been able to offer them a facility,” she added.

The council nearly secured a location last year, but the landowner said they no longer wanted to sell the site at the last minute.

Chief among the issues related to the current site at Llandow is its accessibility, in terms of the poor state of the entry road into the site, and its size.

Another issue is the rural setting, resulting in some people having to make longer journeys to dispose of waste.

Cllr Burnett said: “I totally empathise with people with the state of the entry road, but it is not ours.

“It is a bit like Subway Road in Barry. They are not adopted or they are not in our ownership, and so there is nothing we can do about it.”

The other recycling facility in the county is Barry Recycling Centre on Atlantic Trading Estate.

However, for this to be the only fit for purpose recycling centre in the county would also require people at the edges of the county to make longer journeys.

Cllr Burnett said: “It would be good to have a modern facility. When you see the one we have got over at Atlantic Trading Estate, it makes it a lot easier for people to recycle effectively.

“Also, why should the people from the rural Vale have to drive up to Barry if they want to use a site with easy access. It is not ideal.

“While we have been able to provide that facility, the access isn’t to the quality we would want.”

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: “We have secured an extension of time on our current lease on the site on the Llandow trading estate until December 31, 2024 and we continue to examine land options for a replacement site.

“One of these is near the Place for Homes site which is off the main Llandow Road in Llandow. We are currently in the process of undertaking our due diligence for this particular site and it is not yet known whether it will be suitable.

“If not we will continue to look at alternative land options in the Llandow area.”

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