RSPCA appeal after petrified dog is dumped out of van in South Wales

A terrified Shar Pei dog was lucky to escape serious injury after he is thought to have been deliberately dumped from a vehicle at a business park in Blackwood.

A woman walking her dog saw the doors of a black transit van open and a blue sable Shar Pei then appeared by the side of the road before it drove off down a dead end and then back in the opposite direction.

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information about the incident which happened near the IG Doors premises in Lon Gellideg, Oakdale at about 11.30am last Saturday (18 February).

The Shar Pei was extremely nervous and despite the best efforts of the dog walker, he evaded capture for several hours, running in and out of traffic on nearby roads and onto open land behind the business park.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector Emma Smith joined the woman and other members of the public in trying to bring him to safety, after the animal welfare charity was contacted about the incident. After some gentle coaxing with food, he eventually went close enough to a man who was able to secure him with a lead, before being taken by the RSPCA officer for a check up at a nearby vet.

He is now in the care of the local authority.

Emma said: “Unsurprisingly, this poor dog was petrified and bewildered by what had happened to him and he spent a long time running loose in the area, despite the concerted efforts of concerned members of the public who had stopped to assist.

“He was running in and out of traffic on nearby roads and it was extremely fortunate that he wasn’t injured or ended up causing an accident in the fading light. From the information that we have, it would appear that someone has deliberately dumped him from their van and then driven off without a second thought for his welfare.

“I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the dog walker who stayed and spent a long time in the area trying to catch him, and to the man who also kindly assisted with the rescue and was the one he eventually decided to go to – everyone’s efforts almost certainly saved him from potential injury and further distress.

“If people are struggling to cope with their animals we’d urge them to seek help and advice rather than taking the sort of heartless action we’ve seen here.”


Anyone who recognises the Shar Pei or has information about the van – which is described as having business type writing along the side – should contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line, in confidence, on 0300 123 8018.

The incident comes as alarming new figures released by the RSPCA reveal that its officers dealt with 1,529 incidents of animals being abandoned in the first month of this year, compared to 1,390 for the same period in 2022, a rise of ten percent. It’s believed the cost of living crisis, coupled with the expected financial pressures on pet owners during the festive season, may have led to the upsurge.

Pet owners are urged to seek help before letting problems escalate. The charity has opened a telephone helpline – 0300 123 0650 – to support people, while practical help can be found on a recently-launched cost of living hub.


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