RSPCA rescuer gives a forever home to Lucky after severe injury and amputation

The RSPCA were called to the young German Shepherd’s address after her owner failed to treat her severely injured leg – and when she first met her RSPCA rescuer – the lower part of leg shockingly fell off in front of his eyes.

But her life has been transformed ever since she met her rescuer who has now given her the most happy forever home she could have ever wished for.

It was back in May 2022 when former RSPCA Inspector Darren Oakley – who is now Branch Manager for RSPCA Wyth Sir Branch – was called to an address in Monmouthshire along with police.

Lucky’s owner had taken her to see a vet and a leg amputation was needed due to her having a severe injury, but the owner left with Lucky without treatment.

The following day when police and the RSPCA were at the address – two dogs ran out of the house. While police officers chased a terrier, Darren sprinted to catch the escaped German Shepherd – Lucky. When he caught up with her he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“We had known she had a leg injury as the dog had been taken to a vet,” said Darren. “But I could not believe what happened when I caught up alongside her, as I witnessed the hanging paw detach from her leg.

“I caught up with her and carried her back over 100 metres to my van and she licked my face the whole time.

“It was only the second time as an RSPCA Inspector I cried. She was only eight months old.” (left/above is Lucky pictured in Darren’s van)

She was taken immediately to a vets for treatment – and it was determined that her leg needed to be amputated.


Darren said: “I took her straight to RSPCA Merthyr Tydfil Veterinary Clinic and stayed with her through the operation, and I then visited her every day for the following week.”

Initially Lucky was seized by police and placed into the care of the RSPCA, but later a court order was made so that ownership of Lucky was transferred officially to the RSPCA. She was then placed into the care of RSPCA Wyth Sir Branch who funded her boarding at RSPCA Llys Nini Branch’s animal centre in Swansea.

Sadly, despite her ordeal, finding a home proved difficult for Lucky.

“She was put up for adoption but most people were put off as she was very reactive and took time to trust people,” said Darren.

“In the July I started to see her twice weekly to build up the trust and then I fostered her in September. It was in November I officially adopted her.”


Lucky and Darren are now inseparable.

“She has settled amazingly and is still learning and adapting to new things,” said Darren. “Her amputation doesn’t affect her at all.

“She comes to work with me and gives lots of fuss and kisses to the branch staff.

“It can take her two or three meetings with someone to trust people – but she has been through so much – but once she does get to know you, she is so loving!”

To mark its 200th birthday the RSPCA revealed that it has found loving new homes for more than 17,000 animals in a decade across Wales – through its animal centres and its independent branch network.

Darren added: “It is absolutely fantastic to be marking 200 years of the RSPCA.

“From working on the frontline as an Inspector and now as RSPCA Wyth Sir Branch Manager it is clear that we are facing a massive challenge when it comes to animal welfare.

“We have even more animals in need of help coming into our care – but at the same time rehoming has been declining sharply, meaning thousands fewer rescue pets are being adopted.

“But we are determined to rise to the challenge and help animals and pet owners who need us more than ever and we are eternally grateful to all our supporters who are able to give us a helping hand in any way they can.”

To mark the RSPCA’s special anniversary the animal welfare charity wants to inspire one million people to join their movement to improve animals’ lives.

To find out how you can join their million-strong movement for animals visit

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