Wales’ Young Eco-Warriors Unite to Celebrate 30 Years of Eco-Schools Success

Passionate pupils from across Wales came together at Eco-Schools Wales’ National Eco-Committee to mark the 30th anniversary of the acclaimed Eco-Schools programme, a global initiative empowering young people to drive environmental change.
The National Eco-Committee took place across three days Carmarthen (21 May), Mold (22 May), and Caerphilly (23 May). Carmarthen saw pupils from 12 schools come together for a day of learning, collaboration, and celebration.
Learners took part interactive ‘One Planet Party’ workshops, exploring ways to minimise their environmental impact while celebrating special occasions. They heard examples from around the globe and shared updates on their eco-projects, inspiring each other with their innovative ideas.

“We all enjoyed going to the Eco-Schools NEC! It was a lovely experience and I enjoyed it so much. I made a sunflower pot and painted pebbles. Next time I have a party I will do everything they taught me to do” – Harriet Williams (Pupil at Ysgol Lon Las).
“Eco-Schools helps change the world and we will make a difference. Today was amazing” – Abdhah and Ruqayya (Pupil at Christchurch Primary).

Over the past three decades, Eco-Schools has grown into the world’s largest environmental education programme, with 19.5 million students participating across 75 countries. In Wales the programme is managed by Keep Wales Tidy and funded by Welsh Government.
Speaking at the event in Mold, Tim Wort, manager of Eco-Schools at Keep Wales Tidy said:
“The National Eco-Committee isn’t just about celebrating Eco-Schools Wales’ achievements; it’s a chance for young environmental leaders to connect with a global movement.

“The world has changed a lot in thirty years, but one thing that has remained constant is the unwavering spirit of our Eco-Schools. They continue to make their voices heard and take action to make their schools, communities and entire planet more sustainable.”
The celebrations for Eco-Schools’ 30th anniversary will continue throughout the summer term in Wales. For more information visit the Eco-Schools Wales website and follow #NEC2024.

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