Welsh Lib Dems lay down their demands for Wales from upcoming Autumn statement

Today (21st November) the Welsh Liberal Democrats have laid down their priorities for Wales in the wake of the upcoming Autumn Statement.

The party have laid down the following prioritise:

-Invest in our NHS, with a specific focus on providing funding for desperately needed dentistry services across Wales to cut down on waiting lists. Whilst also giving more school children access to preventative treatment through Design to Smile.

-Invest in our future by giving desperately needed funds to schools to tackle the school funding crisis so that they can help support children from low-income families to succeed and access vital resources.

-Invest in our economy by reducing business rates for small businesses through 2024-25.

-Support people with the cost of living by taking direct action in supporting people struggling to keep a roof over their head by providing further financial support.

The party have also lashed out at the UK Conservative party for their systematic mismanagement of the economy that has dragged Wales down , while simultaneously demonising those who need the most support by threatening to remove desperately needed services to the sick and vulnerable.

Commenting on Party Priorities, Jane Dodds MS said:

“In the wake of the upcoming Autumn statement, we as a party have laid down what we want to see prioritised for Wales.

In a nutshell, we want to see investment. We want to see investment in our NHS, investment in our economy and an investment in our future.

Our NHS is in a dire state here in Wales, particularly in regard to our dentistry services. We must focus on providing funding for desperately needed dentistry services so that we can cut down on waiting lists.

We also need to invest in our economy by slashing rates for small businesses while at the same time ensuring that our schools are receiving funds that go directly to supporting children from low-income families.

We also need to help push people out of this cost-of-living crisis, behind every single statistic on homelessness is a person that needs help. We as a country must ensure that people struggling to keep a roof over their heads are being supported as much as possible.”



Commenting, Jane Dodds MS said:

“In this year’s Autumn statement, instead of going after big banks and oil and gas giants, the Tories have decided to go after those most vulnerable in our society.

In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, they have provided no support for struggling families.

We cannot let the Tories shake the narrative to suit them best, we cannot forget the damage that has been done.

The Conservatives, through all their chaos and mismanagement, have left our country teetering on the brink with an economy that has seen practically zero growth.

Instead of offering a helping hand to drag people out of the cost-of-living crisis, the Tories have instead raised taxes for those who cannot afford it while at the same time cutting taxes for those who can afford it.

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