Rob takes on Triathlon to raise funds for Llanelli Centre for the Deaf

Robert is a member of Llanelli Centre for the Deaf.

He has embarked on a triathlon to raise funds for the centre, which is based on New Road in Llanelli.

Rob found Llanelli Deaf club last year after being deaf since birth.

He said: “The crowd there are very friendly and insanely funny. This is my fourth triathlon and it allows me to raise much needed awareness of our Deaf organisation alongside funds towards our club, I am doing Stratford upon Avon triathlon on October 2 2022.”

The swim is 1.5 miles, followed by cycle through city outskirts of 13 miles and finally 3 mile run. Please drop a donation if you can via our bank or pop it in to our centre.

Bank details for making donations to Rob’s fundraiser below


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