Call to cut rule on self-catering holiday lets in Pembrokeshire to be heard next week

A CALL to cut the 182-day rule for self-catering holiday lets to be able to pay business rates rather than second homes tax in Pembrokeshire will be heard next week.

A Notice of Motion from Councillor Huw Murphy – to be heard at Pembrokeshire County Council’s October 12 meeting – will ask for a Pembrokeshire reduction in Welsh Government criteria where holiday lets must be filled for 182 days a year in order to qualify for business rates.

Second homes, and self-catering businesses not meeting the criteria, are currently paying a double council tax rate in the county.

His notice of motion reads: “That PCC use its discretionary relief policy regarding the current 182-day occupancy limit for self-catering holiday accommodation that previously paid business rates and reduce the eligibility criteria to 140 days (20 weeks) within Pembrokeshire as being fairer and more supportive of the tourism industry within the county.

“Tourism is a key component of the Pembrokeshire economy since time immemorial, but more so on the coast and rural areas, and employ a significant number of people both full and part time and is key in supporting many small self-employed businesses.”

He adds: “In the current economic crisis PCC need to use every tool at its disposal in supporting these businesses to survive and thrive and the reduction of the number of letting days to 140 required by self-catering accommodation providers to qualify for non-domestic rates would be welcomed by many involved in tourism in the county.”

A further call in support of self-catering tourism businesses will be made by Councillor Di Clements.

Her notice of motion asks: “That this council considers that properties which are used for self-catering accommodation, and are paying the second homes council tax premium, are entitled to a waste kerbside collection from PCC at no extra cost.”

Both notices of motion will be considered at the October 12 meeting.

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