Plaid Cymru leader tells Welsh Gov to “sort it out” in response to partial u-turn on 20mph rule

Responding to the Labour Welsh Government’s partial u-turn on 20mph, Rhun ap Iorwerth, Leader of Plaid Cymru said:

“Over six months have passed since Plaid Cymru tabled a Senedd amendment, and won the vote, gaining a commitment from Welsh Government to review the impact of new limits and to empower local authorities to make further exemptions.

“I support the principle of widespread 20mph zones, but it’s clear that it was implemented very poorly and inconsistently, with too many roads changing to 20mph in places where it felt unreasonable.

“Welsh Government must push ahead now and sort it out, working with local authorities and communities to ensure that limits are properly reviewed, and unreasonable 20mphs are removed.”


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