Bont’s ‘Tina Turner’ wins national award

Some time ago we did an interview with the wonderful Pauline Kaytanua Wood who doubles as a Tina Turner tribute act.

Pauline will be no stranger to a lot of people across Wales as she has entertained so many of you at weddings, birthdays and special events.

We were blown away by her performance when we interviewed her and it is no surprise that she has gone on to win a prestigious national award.

Last May Pauline got the top votes at The Welsh Regional Entertainments Awards  and was nominated to go to the Awards finale In Newport The Dolman Theatre.

Pauline won the Best Tribute Award 2023.

Pauline said: “I am so proud of my Welsh Heritage . The Awards are put together by Lee Knell for the last 16 years and he is remarkable for his organisation of these Awards.

“He contacted me over a year ago to enter the poles and I am so glad I did. .I don’t know how he does it but he is most professional I have ever seen. This was the first WREA Entertainment Awards held in Wales .

“I have always been singing all my life and It Is my life. Unfortunately my Mum passed away last year and she always used to say ‘When are you going to be on the tele’.

“She would have been so proud and I think she was there that day.”

Llongyfarchiadau mawr Pauline. You have made Bont and Wales proud.

Watch Pauline as Tina here:


Watch the moment Pauline is announced as winner here: 

Pic supplied by Pauline Wood

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