Orphaned mouse Stuart Little finds his new family after ordeal

A white mouse who was abandoned at a front door has been found a new home thanks to the RSPCA.

The charity’s rescuers quickly fixed up a fresh start for the orphaned rodent, who was found shivering inside a small, pink cage outside a property in Glan yr Ithon at Llandrindod Wells.

The householder took the mouse in and fed and watered him before he was ferried to Llys Nini Animal Centre, near Swansea, where he was put up for adoption.

Now the little creature, named Stuart Little after the Hollywood blockbuster film by RSPCA staff, has been rehomed to a Swansea-based family who have a little boy (pictured) who adores small animals.


Animal Rescue Officer Paula Milton, who is appealing for information about how the mouse was abandoned, said: “The poor mouse was found outside the caller’s home in a cage with no bedding on a freezing cold day in March. There was a bag of food left alongside the cage and the caller fed and watered him, but she says she wasn’t able to keep the mouse because of her tenancy rules.

“Llys Nini took him in and the staff there were so taken by him that they called him Stuart Little. Within days they were able to find Stuart a new owner. The family have been delighted to have him on board and they are able to offer him a loving home after his ordeal.”

Before he moved in with his new owners, Stuart Little spent a short time with one of Llys Nini’s foster carers, who said: “It was an amazing and happy ending and we’re so pleased that our special boy Stuart Little has found his best friend after all!”

Abandonments of pets are continuing to rise reports to the RSPCA at a three-year high. Of 20,999 animal abandonments reported to the charity last year (2023), 1,673 involved captive mammals, including small pets such as rodents.


The charity has launched a cost of living hub to help pet owners during the ongoing financial crisis.

Anyone who would like to adopt a mouse from the RSPCA can read about how to provide the best possible care for them here.

Llys Nini has other small animals looking for a loving home.


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