Cross-party report claims current devolution settlement “not sustainable” and independence is viable

A MAJOR cross-party report into Wales’ constitutional future has concluded that the status quo and the current devolution settlement is “not sustainable” and that independence is a viable option.


The final report of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales will wasbe published today (Thursday the 18th of January 2024).


It recommends a range of measures urgently needed to strengthen the present devolution settlement – including devolution of justice and policing, and over rail infrastructure – and to deepen public engagement with Welsh democracy. It also reinforces that the status quo is ultimately unsustainable, that change is necessary, and that each of the three options – independence, entrenched devolution, and federalism, are viable.


Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said the report was “groundbreaking” and called it a “very significant step forward in terms of the constitutional debate in Wales”.


Mr ap Iorwerth said steps needed to be taken “immediately” to build on the current settlement and to strengthen Welsh democracy settlement “with immediate effect”.


Responding to the report, Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“This is a very significant piece of work and sets the tone for the discussion to come on the constitutional future of Wales and I’m excited about the possibilities that are explored in this groundbreaking report.

“It is crystal clear that the status quo and the limited devolution we have is not sustainable. Steps need to be taken immediately to build on the current settlement and as a party we will be urging the implementation of the series of recommendations on strengthening Welsh democracy settlement with immediate effect.

“As somebody who has always believed in our ability to take all the levers of change into our hands, to have a report of this stature spelling out unambiguously that independence is a genuine option for us as a means to realise our potential is a very significant step forward in terms of the constitutional debate in Wales.

“Whilst we in Plaid Cymru will always embrace the ability to take on more powers, this report paints a clear picture that neither an enhanced devolution – and certainly not federalism, will provide the long-term answers we really need. Whilst seeking that path to independence inherently comes with challenges, we balance that against what the report tells us about the rewards.


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