“Unsustainable Welsh Government budget will have serious long-term impact on Wales” says Plaid Cymru

The Welsh Government’s draft budget is “unsustainable” and will have a “serious long-term impact” on Wales, Plaid Cymru have said.


The Welsh Government published their draft budget for 2024-25 today in a written statement.

Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said that whilst the economic context was a “very tough one”, Wales faced a “double-whammy” of an unfair and inadequate funding settlement and a failure of the current Labour Welsh Government to spend public money effectively.

Mr ap Iorwerth called on both Labour and the Tories in London to award Wales with a fairer funding settlement alongside consequential funding from the HS2 rail project.


The Plaid Cymru Leader also said that Labour’s failure to “get to grips” with the NHS in Wales meant the little cash Wales has is spent on “sticking plaster solutions” rather than building “long-term sustainability”.

Responding to the Welsh Government Draft Budget for 2024-5, Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“This budget is unsustainable and will have a serious long-term impact on hard-working people across Wales. There’s no doubt that the context is a very tough one, but Wales faces a double-whammy.

“On one hand, the funding deal we get from the UK Government is unfair and inadequate. That’s true of the present Conservative Government, and there’s no commitment from Labour that they’d put that right either, or pay Wales the £2bn owed from the HS2 rail project.

“On the other hand, serious questions must also be asked of the way Labour spend public money. Their failure to get to grips with running the NHS and our transport system means the inadequate spending power we have goes on sticking plaster solutions rather than fixing problems and building long-term sustainability. Cuts in apprenticeships now are the kind of short-term decisions that we could pay heavily for in years to come.

“We’re disappointed that our request to recall the Senedd today so we could begin to discuss this draft budget and hold the Labour Government to account. Plaid Cymru will do all that we can to scrutinise, challenge and influence the budget where possible over the coming weeks.”


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